Torc Happy


I’ve been making cuffs and bracelets left and right. This beauty is the most recent one. I’ve been trying my best to combine vibes of armor, chain mail, and pretty Roman and Germanic torc styles together. The results have been getting better with each piece, particularly now that I have a bracelet mandrel.


See? My bracelets are actually wrist shaped now.

One thing I’m sick of- using dull wire cutters to make jump rings. It is really hard to cut through a stack of freshly coiled wire with dull cutters. The rings look fine after they’re hammered and put together, so I don’t have much to complain about. It’s just time consuming!

In other news, the date for Crafting Carolina is looming ever closer as I frantically make sure I have a decent stock for the booth. Of biggest concern is that I have all the  psychical means to display my jewelry. I’m trying to come up with some creative solutions for that issue right now.

My first Booth!

I will be running my first booth ever for Lapidify on March 28th at Crafting Carolina! It should be a blast and full of artists local to the Charlotte, NC area.

Edit: The show was rescheduled from March 14th to March 28th due to weather. Hope to see you all out on the 28th instead!

For Your Ears

Cephalopod Rising: Reversible Handmade Copper, Lava Rock, and Iolite Necklace.

From the inky depths rises a cephalopod of unknown species or origin. Maybe its about you as you are of it, or maybe it’s hungry?  Maybe it just wants a friend? If you wear it as a necklace, you can show it the sites around town. As an added bonus, it looks fetching.

Like many of my pieces, this necklace is designed to be reversible and versatile. Love your necklace but want to wear something more professional for the office? Simply turn the piece over and display the side with two small tentacles. Are you trapped in a conversation with someone rude or obnoxious? Turn the necklace over to display the image of an Elder God and summon its wrath to terrify or devour your opponent, enabling you to avoid potentially awkward social situations.

Coyote Tooth Spiral Copper Wrapped Earrings by Lapidify. All copper components of these earrings are hand hammered and wrapped to order.

(For good measure, I try to do a nice cleansing over the teeth while I’m at it.)

If you’re interested in these earrings or would like to make a custom order, let me know!


There are so many talented ladies out there making awesome handmade items.  Here are some things I cherish from my own collection made by my fellow artisans!

Coffin eye ring by Adelina Mictlan
Quartz Crystal double ring by Elaine Ho
Clove & Honey lip balm by Lvnea
Amethyst Hair Pin by Anu Tera
Far Side of the Moon necklace by Mod Evil
Triple twig necklace by Hunter Gatherer
The Messanger crow claw quartz necklace by Bloodmilk
Ouija Planchette necklace by Unusual Optical
Bullet earrings by Crossfox
The Scapegoat Ring by The Small Beast
Black porcupine quill earrings by The Brass Buffalo


One of the perks of making things is being able to make trade for something you don’t have access to. Maybe it’s all that Oregon Trail play time I put in as a kid, but I love trading. Last week, I traded two bracelets (including this carnelian and brass one) for a few awesome stones I’ll to wrap, coyote teeth, a cast iron pair of scissors, and a bar of fancy soap. The pioneer in me is pleased.

If you’d like a similar bracelet but are more interested in trading something more conventional like money, check out Lapidify on Etsy.

Looking for some teutonic bling for your viking bae? Some shimmer for your sheild maiden? Check out my new owl and snake motif woven copper bracelet, now up for sale on Etsy.