Cephalopod Rising: Reversible Handmade Copper, Lava Rock, and Iolite Necklace.

From the inky depths rises a cephalopod of unknown species or origin. Maybe its about you as you are of it, or maybe it’s hungry?  Maybe it just wants a friend? If you wear it as a necklace, you can show it the sites around town. As an added bonus, it looks fetching.

Like many of my pieces, this necklace is designed to be reversible and versatile. Love your necklace but want to wear something more professional for the office? Simply turn the piece over and display the side with two small tentacles. Are you trapped in a conversation with someone rude or obnoxious? Turn the necklace over to display the image of an Elder God and summon its wrath to terrify or devour your opponent, enabling you to avoid potentially awkward social situations.


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