Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

  • What does “Lapidify” mean?
    Lapidify means “to turn into stone.” I have been fairly obsessed with rocks and minerals my entire life, so the name seemed appropriate.
  • What is a lapidary?
    A lapidary is person who cuts, shapes, and polishes gems. I am currently training to become a lapidary.
  • Where do you get your stones and gems from?
    All sorts of places. I have been collecting rocks for as long as I can remember and am surrounded by a hoard of them at all times. Some of the stones I use were dug up and then shaped by me. Others, like the beads I use, are either bought at various cool shops or gem shows I come across or are reclaimed from old jewelry.
  • Where do you get the animal parts in your jewelry?
    I buy primarily from one local vendor who gets her items from several different women who hunt, scavenge, and do taxidermy. I do my best to buy parts as ethically as possible and believe very firmly in using animal remains as a means of honoring that animal.
  • Can you do a custom order for me?
    I would love to! Head over to the contact page and let me know what you have in mind. If I feel like its something within my scope and skill, we can talk about where to go next. If I don’t feel like it’s something I can do, I’ll try to direct you to someone who can.

Jewelry Wear and Care:

  • How can I best care for my Lapidify jewelry?
    Treat it kindly. When I make a piece I try my absolute best to strengthen the wire and tuck away loose ends and bits so that they won’t get caught on anything while being worn. That being said, I advise caution when wearing wrapped jewelry while changing clothes (especially things like loosely woven jackets or scarves). The best way to prevent snags would be to simply remove your Lapidify piece before changing. If it does get caught, don’t worry! Larger wires can be carefully bent back into place, and small wires can either be snipped off with a pair of wire cutters or smoothed down where they belong.
  • Why is my jewelry changing color?
    Oxidation! I actively choose not to coat any of my jewelry with varnish or sealer, allowing them to be exposed to the elements. Over time contact to moisture, oxygen, sweat, and other goodies in the environment creates a chemical reaction on the piece which allows it show age. Some people will refer to this as being “antiqued” or having a patina. Wearing your jewelry more often and in harsher conditions will cause this reaction to occur faster (ex: wearing a copper ring while you wash your hands).
  • My skin is turning green from wearing Lapidify jewelry?! Should I panic?
    Probably not. Skin can become tinted green if you wear copper or brass jewelry in the same area over a long period of time, and it’s harmless. That green color is a stain created from the oxidation reaction I mentioned before, and it will fade if you remove the jewelry for a while. Most people are not allergic to copper. However, if you are concerned you are having an allergic reaction or that any jewelry you are wearing is making you ill, please remove it immediately and contact a healthcare professional.
  • How can I clean my jewelry?
    It is important to be careful because of how delicate some of the wire work is in many Lapidify pieces. Heavy scrubbing with steel wool is not recommended. There are, however, a few different things you can do to clean your jewelry. For everyday smudges, use a soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of your piece. To remove grime or tarnish you can use something lightly acidic like white vinegar or lemon juice combined with a little salt. Simply allow the copper to sit in the mixture for about 10 minutes, wipe the mixture off, rinse off and then dry the piece. Salt and baking soda with a little water can be used to make a paste and then be rubbed over the surface of a piece gently as well. For bone and several different stones (like calcite) its best to avoid anything acidic because it will eat away at it. Use your discretion, and when in doubt take your piece to a trusted jeweler for cleaning.

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